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Overlay Plate

Designed for service areas with moderate impact and severe abrasion under higher service temperature or extreme Ph conditions. Depending on the customer’s specific service environment, the HS650CC overlay can be applied to either our regular mild steel base or to stainless steel. HS650CC can be cut to meet your specific needs. It can be formed or rolled.

HS650CC is available in thicknesses from 3/8” to 1”.

HS650CC must be cut by plasma or abrasive water jet.

Percent (%) 
4.5 – 5.90
.70 – 2.0
23.0 – 28.0
7.0 – 9.0


Mechanical Properties:

 58 to 60 HRC Single Pass
62 to 64 HRC Double & Triple Pass
 Service Temperature
 1300 degrees (F)

Welding Procedures:

HS650 Complex Carbide on mild steel is supplied with plasma cut edges and can be welded in place to carbon steel structures with a low hydrogen rod or wire such as E7018 or E8018. HS650CC on stainless steel is also supplied with plasma cut edges and can be welded in place 309 or 310 stainless rod. No preheating is required. It may be necessary to hardface over the weld with HS101HC wire for added protection.


Standard Sizes:

Standard plate size is 60” X 120”. HS650CC can be cut to your specific needs. HS650-CC is available in single, double and triple pass applications in special thicknesses or on special bases upon request.


Standard thicknesses are:

 Nominal Thickness  Overlay Thickness  Base Plate Thickness
 3/16 on 3/16  3/8″  3/16″  3/16″
 1/4 on 1/4  1/2″  1/4″  1/4″
 3/8 on 3/8  3/4″  3/8″  3/8″
 1/2 on 1/2  1″  1/2″  1/2″


Suggested Uses for HS650CC Wear Plate:

Bins & Hoppers
Blast Furnace Handling Equipment
Bark Hammers
Blow Tank Plates
Buckets & Components
Bucket Lips
Chip Silo Components
Chipper Hoods & Components
Conveyors & Liners
Crusher Components
Dozer Blade Liners
Debarking Drum Components
Drag Conveyors
Drums & Sprockets
Dust Collector Systems
Fan Blades & Housings
Flatback Elbows
Flume Liners
Hammer Mill Side Liners
Heel Pads
Haul Truck Bed Liners
Hot & Cold Stip Mill Guides
Impact Plates
Liner Plates
Log Decks
Mine Cars & Equipment
Sand Systems
Scraper Blades
Shakeout Machines
Scrap Handling Equipment
Shot Blast Equipment
Skip Cars
Steel Making Wear Plates
Wear Plates
Slurry Vat Liners

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