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HS650LT Light Weight
1/8 on 1/8 Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate

HardSteel HS650LT Lightweight Overlay Plate was developed specifically for customers that wanted the premium wear resistance of our overlay plate, but were also dealing with weight limitations.  HSS650LT offer this unique combination of abrasion resistance and formability for applications where weight is a critical factor.

HS650LT was first used to line ducts removing “dirty” air in a pollution control application.  Customers quickly realized that HS650LT allows owners of smaller dozers, loaders and trucks to add overlay protection without putting unwanted strain on pivot points and hydraulic systems.

HS650LT comes in a standard 60” X 120” plate, but can be custom sized for your application.

HS650LT must be cut by plasma or abrasive water jet.

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Mechanical Properties:

 58 to 62 Rockwell C
 Service Temperature
 Up to 900 degrees (F

Welding Procedures:

HS650LT is normally supplied with plasma cut edges and can be welded in place to carbon steel structures with a low hydrogen rod or wire such as E7018 or E8018. No preheating is required. It may be necessary to hardface over the weld with HS101HC wire for added protection.


Suggested Uses for HS650LT Wear Plate:

Fan Blades
Screw Conveyor Flights

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