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HardSteel offers the same chromium-carbide protection in wire and electrodes for your use in completing your project.


HS650W – The same chemistry, hardness and wear resistance are available in both wire and electrode. These products can be used for hardfacing bolts, protecting perimeter welds, filling plug-weld holes, sealing joints and seams, and making repairs.

HS650W wire is available in 33# spools in 1/16 and .045” diameter and  500# drums in 1/8”.   All of these solutions are open-arc, non-shielded.

HSW is available for buildup passes and butter passes. It is available in 33# and 50# packs.


HS650R electrodes provide the HardSteel hardness and wear resistance in electordes.HS650R electrodes are available in 10# packs in 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16”. In addition to the uses shown above, HardSteel electrodes can be used to fill plug-weld holes and make larger repairs.

HSR is the same as HSW, but in wire form.

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