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HardSteel offers complete rolling and forming services.  This allows HardSteel overlay plate and wear plate to be used in applications such as round-bottom chutes, cones, liners for dozers and front-end loaders, and large diameter pipe.  Overlay is normally formed with the wear surface to the inside, but can be formed or rolled to the outside.  If you have special application needs, please give us a call.


HardSteel is equipped to handle any cutting needs our customers may have.  Although our business is based on our 5’ X 10’ plates, cutting to any size and/or shape is available.  Both plasma and waterjet cutting are available.  Drawings can be emailed, faxed, or uploaded here.  Once cutting is complete, parts can be labeled with part numbers for easy handling and assembly once received at your facility.


There are often application where the standard 5’ X 10’ plate is not large enough for the piece you need.    Perhaps the parts you need nest neatly on a piece that is wider or longer than our standard plate.  HardSteel overlay plates can be    spliced so that the product you receive best meets your needs.

Attachment Methods

Liners may be installed using a variety of methods and HardSteel can help with all of them.  Attachment methods include:

perimeter welding using 7018/8018 low hydrogen rod or wire plug-welding

weld-on studs

countersunk bolts

hardfaced countersunk bolts

drilled and tapped holes.

If you need technical assistance in deciding which attachment method is best for your application, please contact us.

Blanchard Grinding

In applications where fine materials stick inside chutes or ducts; or where a smooth surface is required, HardSteel offers blanchard grinding.  The most often requested finish is our 80% clean-up.  We offer finishes up to a 100% clean-up (polished) finish.


The staff at HardSteel has experience in providing a variety of coatings for our customers.  Coatings range from paint and sealers to fireproofing.  Please contact us concerning your specific needs.


HardSteel has complete fabrication capabilities.  Our staff can help get projects started by fitting and tacking parts or do complete fabrication per your drawings.  The HardSteel staff can complete jobs from simply attaching brackets for hanging liners to complete fitting and weld out of your project.  Our goal is to provide the level of service you need to help you fight wear and keep downtime to a minimum.


HardSteel can save you money by rebuilding your worn parts.  Our experienced staff can rebuild and/or hardface your existing parts to extend the life of the product and prevent premature replacement.  We rebuild a variety of products including drag chains, clevises, hammers, and clinker discs.  We hardface new products including hammers, teeth and adapters, clevises, cutting edges, and end bits.


HardSteel is continually looking for new ways to help our customers solve some of their oldest problems – wear and abrasion. Here are a few ways we can help:

Pins & Gudgeons

When asking customers about the worst wear problems that they would like to find solutions for, pins and gudgeons are high on every list. Wear is constant. Replacement is expensive – parts, labor and lost production. Part failure can damage or destroy machine components completely.

Many OEMs and aftermarket vendors have attempted to solve the problem with induction-hardened pins. Though better than standard carbon steel pins, this technology is NOT the best solution. HardSteel offers chrome alloy overlayed pins.

We start with Astralloy VTM shafting. This assures our customers that the base material for our pins has excellent tensile strength and maintains that strength. HardSteel pins will not use the “wanna-be” materials some of our competitors are turning to.

These high strengths blanks will be undercut at the wear areas and overlayed (clad) with high grade, chrome alloy tool steel. After multiple passes of our HSP tool steel alloy are applied, final machining is done to match each customer’s drawings and/or specifications. Only after final inspection, each HardSteel pin will be shipped and placed into service.

HardSteel can provide pins and gudgeons up to 60″ long in diameters from 2″ to 12″. These pins can be used in any industry for buckets, shovels, backhoes, or excavators. They can be used as track pins or sheave pins.


HardSteel offers custom Hardfacing to meet any special needs our customers have for protecting equipment and extending the life of new parts. We hardface bucket teeth and adapters, edges, hammers, grinder screens, tiger valves and a variety of other parts. HardSteel can help you extend the life of key components.

Rebuilding & Repair

With the high cost of replacement parts, HardSteel offers rebuilding and repair services. We rebuild hammers, clevises, valves, housings, chutes, gates, separator bodies and many other industrial parts. Often times rebuilding is less expensive than new parts and provides longer wear life than the original part.

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